VIPs, Royalty, and a Mouse


It is an honor to parent such a noble king!

Today I learned: “Good things come in small packages”

Six years ago today was a very special night. I remember it as though it was yesterday. I remember the way the air felt, the walk home from my neighbor’s house, the smell of barbeque, and the way every inch of my body felt. I remember the way my blood ran through my veins. That was the night I knew I would be meeting my son for the very first time, very soon.

I was right too. I felt my womb hugging him all night as he let me know that he was ready for the journey into my arms. And in the morning, together we would fight through probably our greatest and toughest journey together as mother and son.

But its not morning yet…its still night time. And six years ago today I couldn’t sleep, for the same reason I cannot tonight. The anticipation is wild…. tomorrow is May 5. And that is the day my eldest son is born.

But fast-forward 6 years from that night and it brings me to today.

I celebrated my son’s birthday today with his friends; his first big-boy birthday party. As we walked into Chuck E. Cheese’s, the man at the door handed me a sticker name-tag and I slapped it on my shirt. I wore it all day without a second glance. I watched my son as he danced, grinned, and laughed. I fell in love with all over again. He is such a beautiful spirit.

It was not until I got home and we unwrapped gifts and he had scampered off with his brother and sister that I took off my name badge. I smiled as I read the words I had carelessly missed reading earlier; they were located just above my poorly scribbled name:

“Very Important Parent”

Yes. I am. I am a very important parent to this incredible boy. Blessed? No. I don’t feel “blessed”. That sounds like some magical force

Yes, I am a VIP indeed!

Yes, I am a VIP indeed!

or some heavenly god granted me this well-wish and by doing so had forsaken all others that were not worthy. I don’t feel blessed…

I feel…very responsible for a life not my own. Overwhelmingly at times. I feel an immense amount of trust by this young person believing that I make all the right decisions, even when I know that sometimes I don’t. Mostly though, I feel…honored.

This life that I hold in my hands every day is so precious, no gold could match it. It is so valuable that no treasure could surpass it. It’s so beautiful, no sunrise, sunset, or rainbow could even come close. And he is mine, and I am his. Yes, I feel honored to be a “Very important parent” to this child I call my son.

Today Simon taught me about the cliché “good things come in small packages”. Six years ago today I was getting ready for a VERY good thing, that came to me in a VERY small package. And Simon, while you have grown, your goodness and greatness certainly remain just as strong as when you were very small. I am so honored to be a very important parent, to a very important boy.

Thank you Simon – Happy Birthday. (you are so smart)

—Stupid Mom


Golden (pink, red, and orange) Opportunities



 Sunrise on a roadToday I learned: The beauty of opportunity is in front of me, not behind me.

It was my first day on a new job.  I was really excited.  Mostly I was happy to be leaving behind the pains of my last position. Previously,  I had ventured down a path against the advice of many, leaving behind a company I was fanatic about, and to my disappointment,  with a very negative ending. The hurt of betrayal and the loss of family over what seemed to be nothing more than greed and fear, left me ready to take on something new; and today was my day.

Two of my children experts were staying with Grandma for spring break, so I only had to contend with the hustle and bustle of one small person .  I got up early enough, and while I went through the usual routine of scurrying him along, we had left in plenty of time to get to daycare and then for me to get to my new adventure on time.

I was lost in my own thoughts along the way…Of what was to be,  and mostly what had been.  Again, I was happy to be driving away from the past.  And the career awaiting me seemed to hold an array of new possibilities.  I was daydreaming.

I was snapped back to reality when a tiny voice behind me said,  “Look mommy, the sky is beautiful.”

Now, the sun had been up for what seemed like ages to me.  My initial thought and response was “oh, yes sweetie. Very nice.”

Then I looked again, just by chance really. Or maybe because I found his choice of words odd and out of character for him.  This time I looked further into the distance.

Far on the horizon, just where the sky met the land, there was still a small window of opportunity for anyone who had the foresight to still catch a glimpse of the morning sunrise in all its glory.  It was more than beautiful, it was breathtaking; orange and yellow, pink and reds.  Magical.

This morning, my son showed me running from pain is never as wonderful as looking ahead and running to gain.  With blinders on, I couldn’t see past the end of my nose, and had he not been there to point it out I may have never looked into the distance.   I would have been stuck only seeing an ordinary blue sky and missed the extraordinary morning sunrise.  Even more so, as I watched it fade and blend into a pale blue I realized that those opportunities can so quickly pass me by; so I ought to pay attention right now to all I have to gain while  the opportunity is there in front of me.  Here is to looking forward into the sunrise, where all the new possibilities and opportunities exist..and there is everything to gain.

Thanks Pepperoni, you are so smart.


–Stupid Mom



Looking at a Crab Half Full (and the power of positive thinking)

A healthy crab named Crabby teaches there is positivity even in the cycle of life.

A healthy crab named Crabby teaches there is positivity even in the cycle of life.

February 19, 2012

Today I learned: “Life is precious, it is best to spend it focused on the positive”

Before going to bed last night, I saw that my daughter’s hermit crab was laying lifeless out of its shell in its cage. After reading, googling, speaking to PetSmart employees, and my mother (who called the crab shop expert), I found that it is completely impossible to tell if it is dead or alive. Crabs apparently can be in a lifeless state for a long time, even out of the shell, during its molting period. I also learned that it would start to smell if it is dead and that is how I will know. In addition to telling my daughter when she came home that her pet might be dead, or might be dead, I get to look forward to possible stench coming from her room…and it could take some time.

Yes, I was not feeling the most positive energy for my day. I loaded up my son and set out to PetSmart to purchase a new tank. Guilt had set in that I had apparently put the two crabs in a much too small of living conditions for the past year, causing stress, a shell-less crab, and possibly death. The tank is $12. No big deal.

After $45 at PetSmart, I started to feel better. Definitely less guilt. I put the clearly healthy crab into her new home and left the naked one where she was. The only thing still weighing heavy on my mind was to tell my daughter Kitty (the naked, lifeless crab) might be dead

When she came home from school I pulled her aside… I expected the worse. Tears, screaming, crying. I expected to have to convince her that there was still a chance she was alive, although I was doubtful myself. My daughter is very emotional. Despite this, I wanted to give her the “heads up” and I believe being honest is important. SO…I braced myself…

Then she said, “Its ok Mommy. That happens. I understand if Kitty dies. I am just really happy Crabby is still doing well. She likes her new home too.” Then, she went and did her homework.

All my worries. All my negative conversations. Abolished.

All because of one positive conversation from a 9 year old girl.

Once I chose positive,  I saw it all around me.  Even in the rain.

Once I chose positive, I saw it all around me. Even in the rain.

Negativity is like cancer. It spreads and can create more of the same. However, positivity can be the cure. It is the ultimate Negavity Cancer fighting antigen. A little can go a long way, but you can just never seem to get too much (like Vitamin ‘C’ I think). I am always at choice of what I give people, I hold both within me. I can share a Cure or I can share a Disease. The truth is, most of the people on this planet are surrounded by disease and have consumed enough; the world needs more of the Antigen. Not to mention, Allie made it clear that choosing that is really really easy. I think I will choose that. Yes, more positivity is my choice.

Thank you Allie – You are so smart.