Good Morning, Tuesday

Today I learned: Carpe Diem. Sieze the day.Happy Tuesday

This morning I tip-toed around the house in my usual manner.  Finishing up my own morning routine,  gathering school snacks for the kids, letting the dog out etc.   I then heard a giggle come from my daughters room.  Tony? Is that you?  Yes,  indeed it sure was.  I went in and greeted him good morning and out of her bed he crawled.  I quietly snuck into his room as to not awake his sleeping brother,  he had another good 15 of sleep time.   I have previously found that waking a sleeping bear is a dangerous venture.

To my surprise I saw a shadow sitting upright on the bed.  I squinted my eyes as they adjusted and focused in the dark of the early morning. Yes,  my suspicions were confirmed.  Both of my boys were awake!  I greeted Simon with a cheery “Good Morning!”

Instead of the usual grunts and groans that come with a bear who recently awakened from a deep slumber,  this morning the response was different.  My cheery greeting was reciprocated with a greeting with as much enthusiasm and positivity, if not more, than my own.  “Mommy!  Is it Morning??”

“Yes,  baby,  it is!”

He followed my affirmation of the new day with the kind of cheek-to-cheek grin that only my Simon can wear.

Was it his birthday? No, that was not for another 6 days.  Was it a field trip at school? Nope.  Special plans for a family dinner out? Nope.  Movie night? Nope.  In fact, it was just Tuesday.  Nothing planned at all. No playdates, no trips, and no amusements of any kind.  So what could have my son so chipper and happy this Tuesday morning?

It was simply a new day.  A new day greeted him and in his not-quite-six-year-old mind he could see that today held a world of possibilities, opportunities ,and fun not yet planned.  Today was Tuesday afterall, and he could use the next 24 hours imagining and creating all sorts of new wonders.

Simon reminded me that every day begins with a morning.  Every day that includes excitements, surprises, new possibilities, raises, opportunities, promotions, smiles, laughter with a  friend, the best lunch of my life, and the most miraculous brainstorm EVER, begins with a  morning.  Whether it is because of me, happens to me, or is even in spite of me…Every new and wonderful thing in any given day happens as a result of waking up in the morning.   Mornings are truly the time to realize I begin again, with 24 hours of uncharted, unbridled, uninhibited possibilities.  All of it is waiting for me to go find it and seize it.. and own it.  JUST Tuesday?  I don’t think “JUST” Tuesday can exist after today…

Good Morning, World!  Here “I am”!

Thank you Simon – You are so smart.

–Stupid Mom


Climbing the Stairs to Sleep.

February 2, 2013

Today I learned:  “Take time to rest, even if it’s not convenient”

Being a mom, life gets really busy.  I am also a full time student and I usually work full time (although I am currently taking a little hiatus).  I play hard too.  I am not all about cleaning and doing laundry.  I take time to wrestle with the kids, ride bikes, make Play-Doh cakes and an array of family centered activities.

All of this leaves me plain ol’ tired and worn out at times.  It is not in my nature to nap or to even slow down much during the day.  Some days I will go all the way until bedtime and realize I hadn’t even sat down.

Usually my children are the source of my energy and remind me that life is far too short to slow down TOO much.  In fact, they are known to fight sleep (even as babies) in order to keep themselves from missing out on something exciting.   Usually they are a reminder to use a day up completely, with nothing left, as if it is the last day I  will have on earth.

If you use your day right, you have to sleep even if its not convenient.

If you use your day right, you have to sleep even if its not convenient.

Today, Simon taught me a different lesson. One I needed to learn today.  He taught me that while its great to play and make the most of my days, it’s also ok to take time to rest.  God even took a day of rest.  When I came down the stairs and saw that Simon had decided “here and now” was the best place and time to sleep; I was reminded that I absolutely have to make the time to re-charge and rest my body – even if its not convenient.

Thank you, Simon – You are so smart.

–Stupid Mom